Our Updated Look Is Significantly More Than an accumulation of Fun Illustrations

Our Updated Look Is Significantly More Than an accumulation of Fun Illustrations

Exactly like you’re more substance compared to a selfie, our artistic refresh goes deeper to express exactly what dating’s actually like

Happening times could be very nice. There’s peoples connection, companionship, intercourse — often also simply a fantastic makeout sesh. But we can’t just emphasize the really good and disregard the facets of dating that aren’t so beautiful, like needing to share a cocktail or coffee utilizing the periodic catfisher, scammer, ego maniac, or bland dingus. All things considered, dating could be a strange, chaotic, alluring mess — full of highs and lows.

At OkCup >express what’s important about yourself. We’re all those with unique charms and quirks, and showing them down could be the most readily useful method to generally meet somebody you’ll really click with. So we’ve changed things up a bit — perhaps not only in order to show your individuality now, but additionally to better mirror the dating experience, and ideally lighten the feeling a bit, too.

The latest pictures had been carried out by Jay Daniel Wright, a goofball that is charming in Berlin. We tossed around number of good illustrators, but Jay’s work constantly made us smile and left us experiencing truly good in regards to the globe. We wish Jay’s pictures perform some exact same for you personally.

If nothing else, their drawings are enjoyable, quirky, and unique — qualities they share with all the interesting individuals meet that is you’ll OkCupid.

We’re now making use of one typeface, GT America, across all platforms. While a wide range of us are experiencing a bit down regarding the entire America thing, we nevertheless think it’s great here. And also whenever we didn’t, GT America is not actually American but instead the development of some Swiss people at Grilli Type. It is a handsome mixture of that sweet Swiss rationalism we see inside our favorite grotesque san-serifs (see: Helvetica) additionally the quirk of American gothics (see: Franklin Gothic). For non-typography nerds, right right here’s the point: GT America is eccentric and specific, similar to, well, people.

Our design philosophy hasn’t changed that much. Our focus stays on making an easy-to-use, enjoyable product. But OkCupid has come a long distance from where we started. There is some charm within the OkCupid of old, a spot with really rules that are few had been strange, unsightly, and available. A lot since our humbler beginnings, we’ve simplified things. Which is a philosophical option. When designing a item like ours, we’ve two guidelines to select from:

We could produce a style that is visual experience that glorifies the ideal — an event that seems very nearly utopian. These days, we provide dating as enjoyable and easy; it is a pool celebration by having a set that is perfectly diverse of whom seem like they model in the weekends, and travel the entire world through the week. https://mail-order-bride.net/asian-brides There’s a colorful gradient sheen, and its perpetually golden hour. Here is the approach many organizations in this area are using. It’s lovely. It’s the fantasy we’re all striving for, right?

Or we are able to mirror the truth of the adventure we’re all on together. It’s a little rough round the sides, noisy, strange, and eclectic. It may be complicated, but eventually we can all see the sweetness when you look at the mess when we search for it.

We now have constantly wished to be described as a dating application for people. Genuine people. All people: males, females, gender flu >be yourself. And we’re going to continue steadily to build a open platform that lets you show all the stuff which make you who you really are.

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